| Scholarship Funds For Your Preschooler

Please help SOHMS support children in our community by donating your tax liability at no cost to you. Donations can be made through April 15th, 2024 for your 2023 taxes. For example, a single person can give up to $400 and a married couple up to $800 per year.

What are my next steps to start supporting?

No. 1

Consult your accountant to verify your tax liability. You may want to clarify how much you can give as a tax deduction after you’ve reached your tax credit limit.

No. 2

Decide on how much you would like to donate and click the link below.

No. 3

Click the “Donate” page and add “Spirit of Hope Montessori School” as where you’d like your funds to go towards the end of your application.

| Children’s Care Arizona

This organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Arizona devoted to helping children attain quality care and education.

Phone number: (480) 795-3775


Mailing Address: 3104 E Camelback Rd Unit #7038 Phoenix AZ 85016

| Tax Credit Program

This is the program where you make a donation and the state gives you those funds back when you file your taxes. We will then use those funds to reduce kindergarten tuition expenses. Please go to Arizona Tuition Connection to make your donation. Be sure to list our school as where you would like the funds to go! Donations can be made through April 15th, 2024 for your 2023 taxes.

By working together, we can offer free or reduced tuition for our kindergarten families!

| Arizona Private School Tax Credit Program